Best Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Dubai

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Lasers offer the best, painless and permanent substitute for waxing and epilators. With the arrival of summers, Laser hair removal Dubai has become the hottest trend in the UAE.
Hairs look good only when in the right place – on head in case of women and on head and face in case of men. Threading, waxing and shaving are all traditional hair removal methods used for getting rid of unwanted hair. Lasers offer the best, pain free, permanent solution for unwanted hair on any part of the body. With the arrival of summers, Laser hair removal Dubai has become the hottest trend in the UAE.
Laser hair removal became commercially available towards the end of 20th century – somewhere in the mid of 1990s. Over the last two decades, laser experts and dermatologists all round the world have been using lasers successfully to help men and women get silky, hairless skin. The efficacy of laser hair removal is now generally accepted in medical community. Lasers are safe and non-invasive solutions for hair removal and if carefully done, they do not involve any notable complications. The process is safe enough that many patients practice lasers at home with devices designed especially for self-treatment.
Nowadays, laser hair removal Dubai is very popular because of the benefits it offers. Almost all of us have heard about lasers; some have experienced the treatment while others might have heard of its benefits from others. However the fact is, still we do not know much about laser hair removal. Often we hear confusing and contradicting information about lasers and do not try to dig down the facts. You should not let such myths to prevent you from undergoing laser treatment.

Here is a list of facts that will explain you why Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Dubai is the best solution for unwanted hair.
Laser Hair Removal Can Be Everlasting
Although not all lasers create permanent hair removal, some patients are reported to have permanent hair removal through lasers. While the rest of the vast majority of people benefited from laser report that now they need to either shave or wax at around 10 times longer intervals than previously.
Lasers Work to Smooth Out Your Skin
Many people believe that lasers only help burn the roots of hair and that’s it. But the fact is click more details some lasers also stimulate collagen production, hence smoothing your skin. At Laser Skin Care Clinic, we use CANDELA Gentlemax Laser (Nd:YAG or Alexandrite) for hair removal. It is the same machine which is used for Skin Tightening. So expect a two-in one feat from laser hair removal in Dubai.
Some Clinics Who Advertise Laser Hair Removal” Do Not Use Lasers At All
Some clinics who claim to offer laser hair removal do not use lasers, rather pulsed light systems that are cheaper and often create burns on skin. So, just beware of the laser system that your provider is using.
Now Laser Can Work On Dark Skin
In past, laser hair removal was available only for those who had fair skin and coarse hair. But advancements in lasers have made them available equally for people who have darker tone of skin and thin hair.
New Lasers Are Not Painful
Some people fear lasers due to the pain they had during treatment. Laser hair removal in Dubai uses new devices and offers pain free treatment.
All Parts of the Body Can Benefit From the Treatment
Proper lasers can work on the most delicate skin and definitely, the procedure is equally safe. The best part is lasers do not develop ingrown – a common problem faced by people after waxing or using epilators for hair removal.
Laser Does Not Cause Skin Cancer
Laser does not cause skin cancer. In fact, laser does not use UV light that is reported to create mutations pixel gun 3d hack cheats tool in cells and therefore leading to cancer.
Bottom Line:
Going to parlor every week to get your upper lips done or for waxing your arms and legs, is quite an ordeal. Laser hair removal sets you check more free from these routine tasks. If you think that it costs a bit too high, then you can get it done only on the uncovered areas of your body while sticking to waxing and plucking through epilators for the rest of the body.
Have a Consultation Prior To the Treatment
Surgeons practicing laser hair removal in Dubai suggest that you should always have expert advice before deciding for the treatment. The physician or laser expert will take into account what your goals and expectations are and determine how much intense the beam should be for your skin.

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