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08/14/17 5:48 مساءً

Hello! I am an Italian university student and Italian is my native language.

I will proofread your Italian text or article, even if you are not a native speaker. I do not proofread translations that are clearly made with Google Translate. If you need a translation, please check out my translation gig! Automatic translations are very poor and I end up having to translate again most sentences. From now on, orders regarding automatic translations that need revising will be cancelled!

The basic $5 gig includes:
content writing jobs
Proofreading up to 1000 Italian words
Basic formatting
Delivery in 48 hours

Gig Extra: Specialized Proofreading

Any content not aimed to the general public (scientific, legal, technical etc) is considered specialized.

For an extra $10 and 1 day, I will proofread specialized text.

Do you have any questions? Contact me!

If you have any doubts, please contact me before ordering. Please buy the correct number or gigs and gig extras, or I will not be able to complete the work.

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